What’s the Storify?

ONS on Storify

ONS on Storify

We’ve recently started using Storify to support the work we do and it’s going well. As with all these things though, we welcome thoughts, learnings and observations.

Our first Storify covered last quarter’s GDP preliminary estimate and right now we’re supporting a National Accounts consultation (of which GDP is part).

The preliminary estimate is always a big day for us so it felt appropriate we had a destination for users looking for the story and commentary so far, rather than them having to dig and piece it together themselves. The consultation follows the same logic. The intention is that both serve as exemplar cases colleagues within ONS can look to use in the future.

Our most recent Storify is for a workshop called What the census tells us. It covers content from ONS and our users at the event as well as those interacting virtually. The event was oversubscribed so Storify served as a neat way for those not there to participate. To drum up some interest, we also blogged in advance and tweeted throughout the day.

What the census tells us will run again on 24 July, this time in London. Again oversubscribed. We will run through similar content but edit and add to the Storify to reflect discussions had.

Please join in. #2011Census.

Andrew Clark (Head of Social Media)