Noddiau’r Wythnos (Weeknote 2)

Prynhawn da / Good afternoon

It has been an eventful day here in Digital Publishing Division as we kicked off our first ever Digital Drop-in Day.

The aim was to encourage staff at all levels to come and talk to digital publishing staff about all things digital, from “an introduction to twitter” to how to set-up a blog.

The discussions could be work related or personal and provided an opportunity for staff to increase their knowledge and confidence in these areas.
Uptake was slow to start, but by the afternoon we had seen a bakers dozen. Not great you might think for a workforce of over 1700 but in an organisation that is quite set in its ways, (plus the summer holidays) we see this as promising. Roll on the next one.

Other news

We are in the throws of revamping the “About Us” section of our Homepage following a review which revealed that in the last year alone 60 percent of this section hadn’t been viewed. We are reviewing the content and presentation making it user-friendly, easier to navigate and more engaging.

Our design team are in the early stages of developing an iconography library with the aim of ensuring a consistent approach to the production of online products. They are looking at developing the basic library which will form the basis for future additions to the library and supports the wider ONS visual language development work. This builds on the infographic guidelines work we mentioned last week.

and finally….

We have have brought in some industry expertise in the form of a Search Analyst to help us improve our ranking in search engines and to embed those skills in our editorial and analytics teams.