Noddiau’r Wythnos 6 (Weeknotes 6)

Croeso /Welcome to another week in the life of Digital Publishing Division.

It’s been fairly quiet this week, taken up largely by meetings, report writing for various boards and recruitment activities.

What’s been happening?
Earlier in the week, Laura Dewis (Deputy Director for Digital Publishing) and Matt Jukes (Head of Digital Content) were in London for a number of meetings – mainly with Cabinet Office/GDS but a few other people as well. The meetings covered our major open data project and discussions on approaches to web analytics and search optimisation.

We also started internal communications around some of our major improvements to the Website. We are not in a position to talk about these externally at the moment, but will do in the not too distant future.

Other news..

Digital Publishing Operations team launched a “Back to School” campaign aimed at  ONS staff in publishing roles. The campaign focused on encouraging staff to refresh their training, using the new tutoring service, to help improve the quality of their content.

We had a useful meeting with a group of internal ‘digital champions’ to start increasing interest in the work we are doing internally and find out how best to keep them enthusiastic – always a tricky one.

As communications manager, I spent most of last week working on the in-house,horizon-scanning newsletter, which aims to keep colleagues up to date on the latest digital developments across a range of topics. Previously it’d only gone out to digital publishing colleagues, but this month we decided to open it up to a few digital enthusiasts – pressure! I also spent some of the week recruiting volunteers to take part in some user testing exercises. The response was not as overwhelming as it has been previously, but that might be down to the need to travel to London, or time of year.

Our editorial team have been discussing plans for some more economic stories to support those released last month and thinking about how best to bust the myths on inflation. Any ideas?

Recruitment of specialist staff still ongoing, but we finally have some newbies to Digital Publishing joining us over the next couple of weeks so watch this space for details.