Nodiadau’r Wythnos 16 (Weeknotes 16)

Bore Da / Good Morning welcome to this week’s round-up of activities from last week – just in time for your afternoon tea break.

From today (Monday 18 November) the ONS Twitter account has moved to a shorter, more accessible username, which will make it easier for people to mention us in their tweets. The old username @statisticsONS has been cut by 10 characters to @ONS, allowing the Twitter community to engage with us directly without struggling for space. As a result, we hope to see a more accurate picture of our user engagement.

Also, please spare a few minutes to complete our survey, launched today to find out more about the people who use data and statistics from the ONS website. If you have an interest in ONS statistics and use the ONS website then we’d like to hear about your experiences, so that we can make improvements which benefit our users. The survey won’t take longer than 10 minutes to complete and closes in two weeks. The more feedback we get, the better equipped we will be to improve our existing services and develop new ones.

Other news

Our editorial team has been mostly forward planning and trying to devise a more formal process for video production. With demand for infographics and now video content on the increase, the need for a firm process to be in place has now become apparent, as even supposedly ‘signed off’ scripts are becoming subject to revisions. The team has been discussing how best to refine the internal process of requesting creative content, helping us to manage customer expectations and resources more effectively to deliver the best results.

Our business change and implementation team have completed a Comparability Study Report which looks at publishing processes by other NSO’s*. to gain information and understanding of what a ‘good’ digital publishing process looks like. They have also begun investigating the requirements for an interactives landing page by assessing the number of views/visits, how many are orphaned and how frequently they are regularly updated..

..and finally

We have been working with developers on a search prototype to optimise the configuration and improve the user experience. As this has been one of the major issues affecting our users we want to ensure that we get it right from the outset. We hope to share more on this piece of work with you soon, so watch this space.

*National Statistical Offices