Noddiau’r Wythnos 18 (Weeknotes 18)

Prynhawn Da / Good afternoon and welcome to your weekly update from the ONS Digital Publishing team.

Today is your last chance to complete our ONS website survey, so if you are a user of our statistics and our website then please take the time to give us your feedback.

What’s been happening?

In social media, we conducted our first live-streaming of a press event, to coincide with the publication of the latest estimates of international migration release.  The footage was filmed using a phone camera due to a technical hitch, but the quality was sufficient for what we needed. You can view the storify which also includes presentation slides and commentary. 

Elsewhere, we have been building on the successful pilot to get more statisticans to monitor their own releases using hootsuite, with training taking place over the next few weeks. We are also looking at how we can develop the use of our twitter channel next year to improve engagement.

On the editorial front, we have been getting ourselves prepared for the busy month ahead with over 20 stories planned before Christmas. We have some pretty exciting developments on a new editorial format that we’re launching to target sybaws (smart, young, bored at work-ers). Watch out for the releases on e-commerce and alcohol consumption over the next few weeks.

Other news

Last week the team was involved in a celebration event to mark 40 years of the Labout Force Survey (LFS), the UK’s biggest survey of how people work. The team played a vital role in communicating the importance of the survey through the use of social media, video and infographic.

Following our wikipedia training earlier in the year, we have been discussing how to put it into action to ensure the accuracy of ONS content. We have already published a number of our infographics to some of the most visited pages and are planning an economic ‘editathon’, focusing on our key economic outputs.

and finally..

Work is progressing on the build of an on-site user-testing lab. The facility will allow us to regularly test our products and services with a range of users, enabling us to make improvements which directly benefit their needs. More details on this and other user insight work in the new year.