Another day, another Storify

Not a week goes by it seems without us using Storify. It works really well to house our social content as it builds over time.

This Monday and last, Mind the Gap: London vs. the Rest aired on BBC Two, and a lot of our stats were used. It seemed too good an opportunity not to re-publish some of our content in real time, and it went down well. We saw a good amount of comments, questions and retweets, though not on the same scale as the factoids whirlwind a few weeks ago.

Kate Davies also hosted a Q&A session on Twitter around the recent Retail Sales Index release. Whilst we’ve done these before, this was the first one to be fronted by a statistician. Again, it was successful in engaging users and something we should roll out with our other tweeting statisticians and work hard to reach bigger numbers.

At the end of last year, we tweeted to ask what content users would like to see in an upcoming publication on young people in the labour market. This was the most responded to piece of content we’ve ever put out (either by reply or direct post to us), and all suggestions were really constructive. That eventual content was published last week (along with a graduates publication not long before) and Storify worked nicely to close the loop to show how we asked, users said and we did. Again, this is something we should do more of.

Until the next one…

Andrew Clark