Belated blog birthday..


..I missed the one year anniversary of this blog last week but I thought I would still take a couple of moments to acknowledge it.

Over the course of the year this blog has been our main communication channel with the outside world and, to be honest, has often acted as a significant channel for our own staff.

There have been 79 posts since we started at the end of June last year. Most of which have been written by Lisa, who had never blogged previously and won’t mind me saying she was a little nervous in the early days but who has blossomed in to a confident blogger who at least seems to enjoy writing our weeknotes!

Our most popular post was this one about a busy day in our social media team and our infographics guidelines and Data Storytelling content have remained popular over several months.

Alongside Lisa and myself several other members of the team have guest blogged and in the months to come I’m hoping to encourage more to take the plunge. The recent addition to the Digital Publishing family of our Data Visualisation colleagues means we should have some fresh topics to explore as well.

In recent weeks we have started to share more about the future plans of this team – especially with regards to improving the website. This was always my goal in starting the blog but it took a lot longer than I’d hoped to really get in a place to get in a position to do that. You can expect a lot more of this – I am keen to be as transparent as possible about the process we go through and we’ll be encouraging feedback throughout and there will be plenty of opportunities for people to get involved in user testing.

I’d also like to say thanks to everyone who has been reading this blog – it is great to know people are interested in what we are up to and I hope people find it useful. If there is anything in particular you’d like us to cover (assuming it is to do with the web stuff and not the stats!) please let us know.