Nodiadau’r Wythnos 46 (Weeknotes 46)

Croeso / Welcome to this week’s round-up of activities from Digital Publishing.

It is my final weeknotes before I go on maternity leave and to be honest, considering how much of a novice I was to blogging,  I think I’m going to miss it! Perhaps I will have to find something else to blog about during my time away.

So what’s been happening?

We have been quite busy over the last week, which you will have noticed from the range of topics covered in posts from various members of the Digital Publishing team. These have included an API post for the more technical of users following the launch of new functionality. We also had an interesting and engaging day with the release of statistics on internet usage and e-commerce which was tagged as  #Digital Day, followed by a post on the Wikimania Conference at the end of the week.

In other news

In our publishing operations team, a group attended a GDS content clinic in Bristol which provided some useful insights on data visualisation and the wider work surrounding the transition of the release calendar continues. For example identifying mentions of Pub Hub on the ONS website, preparing new GDS based content for the GSS website and reviewing our training materials.

We also have the second wave of health check clinics to support business areas in identifying where they can make web improvements to their content.

Our social media team have been busy supporting a number of statistical releases as well as the build-up to the previously mentioned #digital day. We also promoted a video guide for businesses, based on frequently asked questions from our survey respondents. If you missed any of our tweet,  then sign-up to receive a daily summary.

Our User Insight team have a growing database of potential user research participants which we have now categorised into Persona types and frequency of web use. We are preparing to conduct some user interviews in our User Research Lab to assess the user journey within the CPI/G&M pages. If you would like more information on this work, or would like to be involved then sign-up for alerts

and finally

As it is my final post (and I have a personal interest) I thought it was worth mentioning that our stats on baby names will be released this Friday, together with some interesting content from our editorial and design team.