ONS website prototype launches

Today, December 8th, the Office for National Statistics had unveiled a prototype for a future ONS website. This website is the culmination of three months development and is based on feedback from hundreds of users of the current website. The considerable engagement we have had from users throughout this project has been invaluable and without them this prototype would never have happened.

The primary goal of this prototype is to test an approach based on the feedback we have documented over the last nine months. Before we start the next stage of development, we want to engage a larger group of users, to validate or challenge the decisions we have made so far.


The prototype is limited in its coverage of ONS content and does not aim to provide current statistical information. It should not be seen as an alternative or replacement for www.ons.gov.uk at this point. However we hope it provides enough depth of content to allow users to get a real sense of what does and does not work for them.

The prototype will be publicly available until January 5th 2015 and the more feedback we receive during this period the better the resulting, future ONS website will be.

Feedback can be provided via the link on the prototype itself or provided via email to web.comments@ons.gov.uk and any detail no matter how small will be valuable.

I hope you find the prototype a step in the right direction and look forward to any feedback you might have.