Roadmap revealed

Our Beta project is in full swing now and we are receiving a steady stream of feedback – all of which is incredibly helpful – but I have been wondering on how best to show people how we are interpreting all of that opinion and building it in to our plans. We (well I) haven’t been blogging as regularly here recently so that needs to improve so that we can provide some insight in to what we are working on (and the opportunity to comment on that) to anybody interested but I was looking for something that provided people with something a little less time intensive than reading lots of my wordy blogposts (of course I could just improve my writing!).

Thankfully, not for the first time, GDS provided the answer in one of their blogposts recently. They wrote about their decision to publicly share their high level roadmap for development of GOV.UK on Trello –>

Never one to let a good idea go un-plagiarised I have spent a little bit of time drafting something along the same lines for our work just to give an overview of what our objectives are in the coming months. It is all a bit light on details at the moment but hopefully that will change as things evolve and priorities will probably be quite fluid (within reason) as we receive more user feedback. In fact we have a couple of days of usability testing coming up again which is bound to throw up some requirements to rethink a few things.

If nothing else I hope this reinforces the fact that we are intent on working in an open and transparent manner and if anybody has any comments on the roadmap you can get in touch in the comments here, on Twitter or on email at

Anyway you can find the Trello board here –>


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