Twenty20: 20 things we are working on at week 20

Depending on how you count this is week twenty of the Beta project and I thought I would share a few things either on the teams current to-do list or just scratched off at the end of last week.

  1. There is a lot of recruitment planning going on to ensure we have a long term, sustainable team
  2. Usability testing for the Beta took place end of last week & we will share the findings soon
  3. Rewrote and shared our high-level product roadmap
  4. Responding to & prioritising the internal feedback we have received
  5. Investigating & prototyping approaches to the new ‘release calendar’
  6. Integrating Welsh/Cymru version of site static content (navigation, microcopy, buttons etc)
  7. Arranging external accessibility audit of the Beta
  8. Search improvements
  9. Integrating new scheduled publishing functionality to support 09.30 publishing
  10. Started work on a ‘Virtual Microdata Labratory’ microsite
  11. Technical architecture rethink & refactor to improve performance & sustainability
  12. Planning for usability testing for Florence
  13. Sprint planning – including runway of priorities for future sprints
  14. Ongoing updates & improvements to web analytics coverage
  15. UI/design updates based on feedback (spacing, font size, changing header font, clearer spark-lines)
  16. Updated wireframes for ONS.Local prototype
  17. Planning (and participant recruitment) for ONS.Local prototype usability testing
  18. Show and tell for Digital Publishing staff
  19. Training & support for Publishing Support team
  20. Ongoing content migration & dual publishing