eQ Alpha Summary

Our Alpha ended on 7th December; and it’s been an amazing 12 weeks. It feels like only yesterday that we started and produced that thin slice of a system, things have certainly moved on a lot since then.

The major areas we covered in the Alpha were:

  • Author sign-in and user accounts support
  • Different types of question (e.g. text, checkboxes, numbers, dates etc.)
  • Splitting a questionnaire into separate sections (groups of questions)
  • Validation rules, including warnings and errors and number range checks.
  • Basic navigation and routing between sections based on previous answers
  • A quick preview mode for authors
  • A simple workflow for locking, reviewing, previewing and publishing questionnaires
  • Persisting respondent answers between sessions
  • Storing submitted respondent answers
  • Feedback and live support chat proof of concept for authors
  • Building and testing a scalable respondent infrastructure

Rather than try and write a detailed explanation of these I feel its easier just to show you, so without further ado here is a demonstration video of the final build of the eQ Alpha:

[vimeo 149920824 w=750 h=421]

eQ Alpha Final Demo from eQ Team on Vimeo.

Without a doubt we have learned a lot, both about our users and how to actually deliver an online questionnaire system, the Discovery and Alpha has set us up to progress into Beta with confidence; reassuringly GDS also agree, having undertaken a Alpha Service Assessment with them and received very positive feedback.

That’s all for now, I’ll post some of the key lessons and outcomes from the Alpha in a separate post.

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