Meet the Service Managers

There is a great deal of ‘transformation’ underway at ONS these days — particularly in relation to our digital work. As part of this we have been recruiting some new faces to support our move to a new way of working. Tom, Andy and Chris have joined in the last few weeks to take up the new (for us) Service Manager roles in three of our major initiatives.

I’ll let them introduce themselves –

Tom Scott


AvatarI’m the Digital Service Manager for the Census. One way or another everyone in the UK is involved making the user needs complicated and diverse. I am really excited to see how we can take the biggest paper service in the country and make it user centred and digital by design. It is going to be a real challenge to run the Census itself not to mention the need to then share the results.

I’ve worked for the Government Digital Service (GDS) for the past few years in a variety of roles all focused on delivering products to meet the needs of users. My last role was the product manager for the redesign of the Service Design Manual, bringing together all the learnings that government has made from transforming services to meet user needs (and pass a Digital Service Standard assessment!), before I left we relaunched content around user research, working in an agile environment and understanding measuring the success of services.

Before GDS I worked at Apple where my experience was truly transformational. There is real empathy in the approach, being there to support people who do not understand their technology as well as helping those who want to maximise their usage. For me empathy is key to why we build services in the way we do.

Andy Dudfield


ad_photoPrior to the ONS I worked in various digital and product roles at the BBC, most recently as product manager working for the Research and Education Space. This meant I was working across the BBC and many partner organisations around the themes of Linked Open Data and digital archives.

I have joined the ONS as a Digital Service Manager for publishing. This means I am responsible for our website, the presentation of content, the API that drives it and how we can ensure all parts of it continue to improve in line with the feedback of our audiences. I am excited to join such a strong team of talented digital folks working to provide such important information to a wide range of people.

My goal is to try and give the team here the best working environment and tools so that they can continue to deliver the best possible service.

Chris Mitchell


0df4828As Digital Service Manager for Electronic data capture I need to build on the great work that’s already been achieved, to deliver and run a world-class digital service based on user needs. The service covers digital products for respondents to manage and complete their questionnaires, securely message ONS and access support, as well as products to allow ONS staff to build digital questionnaires, manage how they are sent out, and support respondents to provide accurate data on time.

I’ve had 20+ years experience doing IT & digital transformation, most recently the GDS Transformation Lead for Lasting Power of Attorney exemplar and assurance lead for four high profile digital by default exemplars: Rural Payments Your Tax account, PAYE and Digital Self Assessment.

I’ve relocated to Cardiff for this job, so I’m looking to make a long term impact — there are some great people working here, so that’s going to make it a whole lot easier and fun too. I’m also really impressed with the facilities here. Coming from the cramped confines of London, the access to meeting rooms, impressive cycling facilities and a creche that’s bigger than my daughter’s old nursery feel like proper luxury!