Performance dashboard

One of the things we have been focused on over the past couple of sprints is building a public performance dashboard, providing insight into the way our website is used and how it’s performing. This was a nice mixture of front-end, back-end and ops work which involved the entire team – something which doesn’t happen too often!

Here it is –

While it’s similar to the GDS performance dashboards (, the GDS dashboards are aimed at transactional services, whereas ours is based on user experience and being able to find the right content.

The dashboard currently pulls data from a number of sources:

  • Google Analytics – for our website usage data
  • Pingdom – for our availability and page response time data
  • Splunk – for our application-specific metrics

Although we’ve got something working, we still have a long way to go – integrating our website KPIs, adding more context around the data we provide, including more metrics from other sources and more of our internal systems, and making the data really useful to content owners around ONS and the Digital Publishing team.

If you have any thoughts or comments on any part of the website please do let us know by email, the comments on this blogpost or on Twitter to @ONSdigital.