What is GovDelivery?

GovDelivery is the email platform we use to send emails to our followers. We’re among more than 1,800 public sector organisations that use GovDelivery to connect with more than 120 million people worldwide, including 6 million people in the UK and Europe.

We use GovDelivery to send our users data directly to their inbox, where it allows them to see what releases are out on a particular day, with some of the headline numbers.

The total subscribers to our emails as of September 2016 were 62,658. We had 14,329 new subscribers in September this year with a 65% engagement rate. The percentage growth over the past 12 months has been almost 30%.

Graph showing the increases in subscribers on GovDelivery

GovDelivery emails are the main referrals to both the main ONS website and Visual.ONS website. The majority of traffic to our websites is via GovDelivery or Twitter.

We have 3 live topics people can subscribe to.

All statistical releases

Subscribers to this topic are sent details of all statistical releases on any release day shortly after their publication. The statistical releases go live at 9:30am each morning and the GovDelivery update is sent to subscribers before 10am. The email includes a list of new releases with a summary of their main findings and links to the releases on our website.

Stories and infographics

The stories and infographics subscribers receive an email with our latest stories and infographics from our Visual.ONS website and social media channels when released. These emails include data visualisations and information about the story our data tells.

Post-EU Referendum Statistics

We send the subscribers of this list emails highlighting the latest statistical releases covering the period after the vote to leave the EU referendum. These are predominately economic indicators to show how the UK has or hasn’t changed since the vote.


You can subscribe to our email alerts via the ONS website. We want to add more topics to the list above. Get in touch to share your ideas or suggestions of email topics you would like us to cover.

To let us know the email updates you want from us, please email our  social media team.

The opportunities for GovDelivery are endless. We are exploring personalisation so you get sent data relevant to you, where you live or where you work. We are also looking at ways to work with the network of other government departments to ensure the right data, in the right context, gets to the right people.

There is functionality in GovDelivery to ask questions about our followers. We want to explore what questions we can ask to tailor the content for you.

How can we make sure you get the right data at the right time?

If you have any ideas or suggestions for our GovDelivery email platform, please tweet @ONSDigital, @JoannaGoodwin3 or email me.