Happy World Product Day!

Today is World Product Day. This day raises awareness and appreciation for product management and the global tribe of product people!

Why are we celebrating?

In the Digital Services and Technology directorate (DST), we have 9 Product Managers who are experts at managing our cutting-edge digital and technology portfolio. We want to celebrate and champion the amazing work our teams do and so are celebrating their work.

About Product Managers at ONS

We have aligned our role profiles with the Government Digital Service capability framework for Product Managers. By using this framework, called the Digital, data and technology (DDaT) framework, there is clarity of roles in government and the skills needed to do them. The DDaT framework states, “A product manager is responsible for the quality of their products. They use their knowledge of user needs and business goals to frame problems and set priorities for their delivery teams”.

A product manager is responsible for a product (for example, a website) and will form the vision for that product whilst engaging their teams and stakeholders in the development of that vision. Their role is to keep people informed about product development and how it is performing. A product owner represents users and uses insights and feedback to inform continuous improvement of the product.

For more information, read Bethan’s blog post, sharing her four golden rules of product ownership.

Find out more

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