Weeknote 11

No Welsh this week – I could translate to Bristolian but that might be a language too far for Google Translate!

civilservants2014final02_tcm77-330286Last week was a busy one content wise for the team – releases around death, in both the avoidable and unavoidable categories, two stories about construction figures, something on civil partnerships as well as the Civil Services statistics being published meant that the editorial, social media and design teams all had their hands full.

The visual supporting the Civil Service release proved popular as well as very useful for me in a meeting with other civil servants on Thursday where I was able to pull it up on my iPad to demonstrate a particular point I was trying (and failing) to make.

The internal sell of the new infographics guide continued last week. There have been a couple of understandable concerns raised which we’ll address but in general they have been well received. We’ll share them here on this blog in the very near future.

There was a major meeting to discuss the future of our site search as well – this has multiple parallel strands of activity but the core element is a move to the open source engine Solr. We aren’t expecting any one thing to magically fix things but hopefully the combination of the changes we are making will aggregate up to something useful.

I attended the Government Heads of Digital Communication meeting hosted by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills where I listened to a very interesting presentation from the Aldermore Bank digital team. It was nice to get some insights from outside the public sector for a change and they introduced some ideas and tools that I immediately jotted down.