Updated version of Key Economic Time Series Data page launched

Today we have launched an updated version of our new Key Economic Time Series page. This was set up in July to help users get quick access to some of our top level information, including all the historical data.
We have had some great feedback on the page so far and some good points raised about aspects that were not working well. These latest changes build on the first set of updates we made in August to look at some of these issues and confusions.
We went back to basics and rebuilt the page from the ground up – allowing us to include features not possible in the previous version. These changes include;
  • Improvements to presentation.
  • A CSV download for each series direct from the page – meaning users don’t have to click through to the dataset.
  • The inclusion of dynamically generated charts allowing users to visualise the long-term trend easily
This work has helped to identify some of the problems with the structure and metadata (the information that gives context to the numbers) of our current datasets and these are providing limits to what we can achieve. A lot of this metadata is contained within the title of the series, making it difficult to reuse and with over 50,000 series consistency in these names is an issue. As a by product we have started work within the office to look at this information in our datasets.
We have already started to think about version 4 and have some more ideas to take this page forward, potentially making the different data frequencies (Annual, Quarterly and Monthly) available on the charts for users to toggle between and the addition of other download options.
If you have any ideas – or comments, good or bad – send it to us at: web.comments@ons.gsi.gov.uk

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