Data Storytelling event

logoAlmost immediately after we published our Infographics Guidelines on this blog we started getting requests from other parts of Government to come and talk about them. This was incredibly pleasing as we were/are very proud of the work that went in to the guidelines and the subsequent infographics we have been publishing.

The problem was though that the team has been swamped as if anything the guidelines led to an increased demand internally and as we are based a couple of hours from London it often isn’t easy to just arrange a quick catch up with interested parties.

At Govcamp though I was chatting with Nick Halliday, Head of Digital at the National Audit Office, and not only was he interested in learning more about this work he also offered up the wonderful NAO conference centre at their HQ in Victoria.

So inspired by the format of Mailcamp (which take place in the same venue) we have put together a ‘mini-conference’ on the afternoon of the 10th April.

From the ONS we are going to have talks about our infographics work, the work we have been doing around statistics based editorial content plus a presentation from our award-winning Data Visualisation team.

I didn’t want it to be an ONS only event so we have other great speakers lined up from Full Fact, the Government Digital Service and, excitingly, the interactive team at the Financial Times. I think there will be at least one one speaker to come as well, maybe more.

The event is free and you can sign up via Eventbrite. I hope to see you there.