Nodiadau’r Wythnos 31(Weeknotes 31)

Croeso / welcome to this week’s round-up of activities from Digital Publishing

So what’s been happening

We launched our Data Storytelling event, a mini conference if you will for people in government who work with or are involved in the presentation of data. The aim of the event is to get people thinking about how to best present stats/data in better ways – whether visually or editorially – via a series of case study type 30 minute talks. We have already had a tremendous response, so if you work with government data and are interested in learning more about how to make it more engaging then book your place without delay.

In other news

Last week was steady with a great well-being graphic release and a short story on life expectancy. The majority of mainstream media focused on centenarians and Twitter, especially, loved the list based approach that Editorial took, contributing valuable feedback that will influence our ongoing content strategy. This week will be a bit busier with content coming out on house prices, cycling to work, sexual identity and something great on marital status and living arrangements – watch out for the #allthesingleladies that will be on Twitter later this week.

On Friday a few of the team visited the British Library to see their Beautiful Science exhibit. A post giving more detail on what the team experienced and how it will help us with our current and future work is coming soon, so watch this space.

The second Writing for broadcast pilot took place – the first one to be co-delivered with Guy Meredith. Feedback on the session was positive, with some improvements being made in advance of the third session to take place this week. The course is aimed at those wanting to deliver their content using audio-visual channels. Due to the popularity of the Jaws and Dragon accessibility presentations during the Digital Festival, we have had to arrange additional sessions.

and finally…

Work is ongoing to help bust some of the most common myths around inflation. You will have already seen the infographics and stories to explain housing costs and the basket of goods and today we have added to the product list by releasing a short video, produced by our in-house AV specialist, explaining what inflation is and how it is worked out,

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