200K Twitter followers

Over the weekend (sometime between 15th and 17th January) we reached the milestone 200, 000 followers. We haven’t done any formal research, but we’re pretty sure this makes us the biggest stats twitter account in the world…!

Our biggest claim to fame, and what I got really excited about, is that we have more followers than Alfonzo Ribeiro, more commonly known as Carlton from the TV series, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

giphy (1)

Our speed of growth on Twitter is continuously getting faster. It took us a year to get from 50k-100k (Feb 2014-Feb 2015) and 11 months to grow from 100k to 200k (Feb 2015-Jan 2016). We’ve shared highlights from our journey. If you’re interested, there is a cool blog about reaching 100K followers last February and an update of the work we’ve done over the past year (these highlight work we’ve done).

To mark the occasion, we tweeted a special thanks to all our followers:

Here are a few stats about reaching the 200k milestone:

  • In the 17 days of January 2016 leading up to this blog post, we had 6,626 new followers
  • When writing this post, we had a current follower audience size of 200,477; that’s 32,387 more than the same time 90 days ago.
  • We gained around 360 new followers per day in the 90 days leading up to 200K.
  • In the four weeks leading up to this blog post, our Tweets earned 1.0M impressions (this is the number of twitter streams our tweets showed up in).

We’ll keep blogging about the work we’re doing and if you are not one of our lovely 200,000, follow us on twitter!