Weeknotes: Sprint 14

Our latest deployment to our live environments has just taken place so a quick update on what we have been up to.

Delete content functionality

As mentioned by Andy in a previous post we had enhanced Florence to include the ability to remove content from the website through our CMS rather than a manual task. This has now been made available to our publishers in the live environment and we spent some time this sprint making sure this worked for them. We had held off deploying this straight away to give our publishing team the chance to test and familiarise themselves with it, but also to think about the scenarios where deleting content is appropriate.

Embed the chart

We have received a number of requests from users wanting to know how they can reuse our charts and this has been something we have always wanted to offer. Each chart is stored separately as its own object dating back to our thinking around this when we created them.

We have spent time this sprint working to allow this, initially for our visual.ons site, but with a view that what we really want to do is extend this functionality to users. We will be looking to get this live shortly and then the next steps will be look at how we can  make this functionality clearly available to users, without breaking the flow of our content.


For a while now we have wanted to look at a more elegant solution for gathering feedback on the site. The current approach has worked well but the orange button we have feels disjointed from the page and we want something that feels more in keeping with the page itself.

We also want to try and gather more information that, ultimately, we can use to measure the performance of the website and user satisfaction.

There are a couple of processes we need to change with how we manage feedback before this goes live but this should not be to far away.

Data discovery spike

The team have also spent some time this sprint looking out the outcomes from recent exploratory work into multivariate and subnational data to get a better understanding of the changes we will need to make to the site to support this.

If you have any thoughts or comments on these changes or any other part of the site please do let us know by email, the comments on this blogpost or on Twitter to @ONSdigital.