Weeknotes: Sprint 16

This sprint we took the opportunity to pick up some outstanding issues and complete our work reviewing all the various components of the service after we had to push back our originally planned sprint.

We have launched the first version of our performance platform. I particularly like the inclusion of our publish times as this was a big problem on the old website and something that was a big focus for us when building the new site. It is great that we can now be so open about how we are doing against the Code of Practice target of publishing within 59 seconds of 9:30. More detail on this is included in this blog post.

Alongside this we have also extended the delete functionality for our publishers to allow them to reinstate content deleted in error, or because it only need to be removed temporarily.

We have also fixed an issue with the release calendar with the upcoming filters not working correctly.

Florence and getting a picture of where we are

Following our last sprint and with future large developments in mind we spent some time this sprint looking at how our publishing tool, Florence, will need to develop over the future months to support these.

We have been working through all the elements of the site to get a better understanding of how they will need to be improved to support all the planned changes. This was the last component that we needed to investigate and, although this work has meant that we have not been able to spend as much time as I would like on user-facing changes, it is essential for the longer term sustainability of the website and our ability to make these changes.

If you have any thoughts or comments on any part of the website please do let us know by email, the comments on this blog post or on Twitter to @ONSdigital.