Open approach to Service Assessment


In the spirit of the tenth GDS design principle I am planning to share a series of blogposts over the coming days/weeks that will outline our responses to the new 18 point Service Standard.

The Beta project is rapidly getting towards a point where we can move to a public Beta (in the true sense of a Beta – i.e. still a work in progress with regular iterations and experiments to be expected.) As a part of this move we will undergo an ‘internal’ Service Assessment and as a part of my preparation for this I realised I was virtually blogging my responses to each point so I am going to share some (maybe all) of them for two reasons;

1) They might help other teams going through similar processes.
2) Any feedback we receive will help us improve the service and that is what this is all about after all.

There is every chance that these posts will not make much sense without the context that would be provided by additional background and questioning during the assessment process but it seems worth a try.

The current 18 points of the Service Standard are below – I don’t intend to publish them in any particular order as some I need to collaborate with to provide an appropriate response.